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I am particularly grateful to Ms. Ruth and Ms.

Bong of the Department of Economic Statistics for letting me go on a six-month leave so I could finish my research work even if it meant leaving my office work. My appreciation likewise extends to my BSP family, particularly to Mazel, Rizza, Lav, Bambi, Faye, Rodel, Jade and Kuya Jay, who were willing to lend me their laptops even if it meant bringing added heavy baggage in the office almost daily when I needed to run my simulations; and to Hazel, Nash and Kuya Kel, you know how I truly value your contribution in the completion of my thesis.

For entertaining even my trivial questions, I am grateful to Ms.

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Terry and Kuya Darwin. Nimfa, Grace, Diane, Ms. Dada, Ms. Beth, Ms. Miles, and all my other colleagues who, in one way or another, have been part of the completion of this paperwork.

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To all my stat friends who have lent a hand to complete this thesis, specially to Tin How for the words of encouragement and for helping me out with my simulations, to Tina for your prayers and the laughter — thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also thank those whose names should not be mentioned, for without you, I would not have completed my simulations within the semester. To Ruby, thank you for lending me a copy of your manuscript, which is the main reference of my thesis, and for bearing with all my queries. For letting me and Ju stay in your place, for finding time to cook for us, for helping me recall my SAS programming, for believing that I can finish this thesis, and for simply being there when I needed someone to consult or talk to, Weng, remember that all these are recognized and appreciated.

Thank you so much. Working on my thesis would be a lot different without Ju who helped me particularly in completing the SAS codes I used in my simulations. You know that your contribution in coming up with this thesis is indispensable. I will forever be grateful for having you and Weng, together with Juz and Olie, as my friends. My deepest gratitude goes to my family for their unflagging love and support throughout my life. This thesis is simply impossible without them.

I wish to thank my Auntie Cel, for reminding me that I also need to take a rest and for staying with me in Quezon City for the duration of my thesis writing.

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To Manang Badet, thank you for your prayers and words of encouragements. Thanks you for bringing Baby Bram to the family. Baby Bram has been one of my sources of inspiration in completing this thesis. My Manang May, who stayed awake with me especially during the last few days of working on my thesis, has been my constant reminder that I could do better than what I think I can.

Thank you for the support, love and prayers. I love you Sis. As we have joked around in our home, a page for my acknowledgement is not even enough to thank my Manong Boy. Throughout my thesis writing, he has been there to help me out on the logistics for my thesis. He always had a solution to my problems with the computers.

He even drives me around when I needed to rush things for my thesis. My deepest gratitude to you Bro!

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I love you. To my ever supportive partner in life, thank you for helping me with my thesis, no matter how technical this is for you. BSCE Acknowledgement - Acknowledgement First of all I am grateful to The Almighty God for establishing me to complete this thesis The researchers would like.

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Acknowledgement - Acknowledgement First of all I am Uploaded By annamarielaine. Acknowledgement First of all I am grateful to The Almighty God for establishing me to complete this thesis.

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The researchers would like to express their appreciation to Professor Ma. Victoria Godinez for helping us in each chapter of our thesis, brainstorming with us and to make necessary changes in our thesis. Without her guidance, we cannot complete this study. Share this link with a friend: Copied! Other Related Materials 45 pages.